Getting the green light.


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Visibility for precision

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  • Green beam lasers with state-of-the-art laser diode technology

    Since the introduction of strict regulations governing the use of class 3R lasers, we have made it our mission to develop a Class 2 laser that has the same performance and safety characteristics as a class 3R laser. We have now succeeded and combined these two advantages using state-of-the-art laser diode technology.
    Thanks to this newly developed technology our class 2 lasers always produces precise measurement results even at temperatures down to -20°C. This special laser diode technology also ensures improved line visibility over longer distances.

  • A class 2 laser with the performance of class 3R

    According to the latest accident prevention regulations issued by several Professional Associations, special measures are required when using class 3R construction lasers to protect individuals in their vicinity. Companies using class 3R construction lasers must appoint a Laser Safety Officer to provide instruction to all employees working with these devices and regularly monitor their use in accordance with the law.
    These special protective measures are necessary as class 3R lasers have a high laser output power. Thanks to the newly developed laser diode technology of geo-FENNEL our green beam lasers are all within class 2 and no longer classified within the highly regulated class 3R range. They have the same performance characteristics as a class 3R laser but at the same time fulfil the safety criteria of laser class 2.

  • Ideal in bright rooms - working by sight

    The human eye recognizes the various wavelengths of the visible colour spectrum with different intensities. Green lies at the centre of this and is perceived to be significantly more visible than red.
    Green lasers have advantages when working by sight and in bright surroundings. Whether indoors or out, no matter what challenge awaits you, with our green beam lasers we always offer the optimum solution for your application.

  • Perfect for longer distances

    Our special diode technology ensures consistently improved line visibility, especially important over long distances. When surveying large areas, the continuous high visibility of the laser line is of particular significance. In a direct comparison with class 3R laser measuring devices, our green beam lasers equipped with the new class 2 laser diode technology offer improved visibility.

  • Better in the cold

    Another benefit of our new laser diode technology is an improved temperature coefficient which makes it possible for the laser to work at lower operating temperatures. At temperatures as low as minus 20°C up to 50°C you can achieve precise measurements.

  • Improved health and safety

    A class 2 green beam laser can be operated by anyone assuming the correct safety measures are observed as described in the user manual of the relevant device. If someone accidentally looks into the laser class 2 beam for a short time they will be protected from injury by their own natural aversion response which causes the eye to blink and terminate eye exposure. Therefore, special protective measures such as the appointment of a Laser Safety Officer to monitor regulatory compliance and other operational safeguards are not necessary for class 2 lasers.

Our green beam lasers

  • FLG 240HV-Green

    The all-rounder in green

    The new generation: Now with laser class 2 and enhanced visibility of the laser line. Additionally the temperature range was increased to -20 °C to +50 °C.

    Horizontal and vertical laser for interior applications. Similar functions to the FL 240HV but incorporating a green laser diode for improved visibility under difficult measuring conditions such as bright surroundings and long distances.

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  • FLG 260VA-Green

    The best in green

    The new generation: Now with laser class 2 and enhanced visibility of the laser line. Additionally the temperature range was increased to -20 °C to +50 °C.

    Same features like FL 260VA combined with superior visibility of the green laser beam; for interior application.

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  • FKL-55 Green

    Straight and advanced

    Our newest generation of pipe lasers with advanced technologies and improvements.

    To the human eye a green laser dot is much better visible than a red dot. New generation of green laser technology with increased temperature range to -20 °C.

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geo-FENNEL Greenlaser:

Green in optics.

Maturity in the art.

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