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FHT 100

Humidity and Temperature Meter

Trades and tasks: Environmental monitoring, warehouses, production facilities, greenhouses (floristics), ventilating and air-conditioning, civil engineering, construction physics, expert report


  • Fast measurement of relative humidity and temperature.
  • Dewpoint temperature measurement for recognition of mold building up and wet bulb temperature measurement (evaporation temperature)

Supplied with

  • Case
  • Battery

Technical data

Temperature range-30 °C – +60 °C
Humidity range0-100 % RH
Fast response timeyes
Illuminated displayyes
Max HOLDyes
Data HOLDyes
Dewpoint temperature-30 °C – +100 °C
Wet bulb temperature0 °C – +80 °C
Humidity± 2 % RH
Temperature± 0,5 °C
Dewpoint± 0,5 °C
Wet bulb± 0,5 °C