2Rotating Lasers / Horizontal Dual Grade Laser / FL 550H-G

FL 550H-G

FL 550H-G For steep grades

The top of the range dual grade laser can be used for grades up to 25%

A rugged high performance fully automatic self-levelling dual grade laser. Designed for excavation, ground works and use with machine control systems for ultimate grade control.

  • Horizontally fully automatic self-levelling
  • Digital grade setting of X and Y axis
  • Steep grade setting in Y axis up to 25% (using steep grade adapter
  • Manual grade setting of X and Y axis
  • VWS function (Vibration-Wind-Security); rotation will not be stopped due to light ground and wind vibrations (VWS function is combined with TILT function)
  • Fully functional 9 channel 2 way RF remote control
  • Li-Ion battery technology: 100% power until fully discharged, no memory effect, no self-discharge, top-up charging possible
  • Zonal control with electronic beam screen (masking)
  • Illuminated display


  • Dual Axis Laser
  • Steep grade laser
  • Digital grade adjustment
  • Monitored grade
  • TILT function
  • VWS function
  • Illuminated display
  • 2 way RF remote control
  • Manual function
  • Operation with rechargeable Li-Ion or alkaline batteries
  • Dust / water protection IP 66

Supplied with

  • Receiver FR 45 with clamp
  • 2 way RF remote control
  • Li-Ion batteries and charger
  • Telescopic viewfinder
  • Steep grade adapter
  • 360° horizontal fine adjustment bracket
  • Container

Technical data

Self-levelling range± 8°
Accuracy horizontal± 0,5 mm / 10 m
Accuracy grade± 1 mm / 10 m
Working range with receiver Ø Ø 900 m
Working range w/o receiver ØØ 40 m
Laser diode / Laser class 635 nm / 2
Slope setting
X axis± 10,000%
Y axis -1,000% bis +25,000%
X and Y axis± 20%
Rotating speed600, 1100 U/min.
Operating time40 h
time 40 h intelligent / Li-Ion
Alkaline batteries (optional)
Remote control range 100 m
Remote control channels 9
Temperature range -10 °C – +50 °C
Dust/water protectionIP 66
Weight (instrument only)3,85 kg

Accessories and details