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FN 24

FN Automatic Level

Practical (High) performance combined with a modern design  - the new auto levels FN 24 and FN 32

Automatic Levels for daily use on construction site

Automatic Levels suitable for all construction sites for levelling and alignment


  • Metal housing
  • Bubble reading mirror
  • Target device (Optical sight) for quick alignment to (a target or levelling staff) the levelling staff
  • Modern design
  • Dust/water protection IP 54

Technical data

Mean error for 1 km double levelling ± 2 mm
Telescope magnification24x
Objective diameter35 mm
Shortest focussing distance 0,3 m
Working range of compensator± 12'
Levelling accuracy± 0,5''
Circular bubble8' / 2 mm
Horizontal circle400 gon / 360°
Dust / water protection IP 54
Weight (instrument only) 1.2 kg