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FTI 300

Thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging camera for non contact measurement of surface temperature.

Trades and tasks: Heating and ventilating installations, building insulation (heat loss), plumbing,
electric, electronic, electro-mechanical and mechanical engineering, routine maintenance
Easy to locate hot and cold spots on electrical and mechanical installations.


  • Automatic indication of hot / cold spot with configurable alarm function
  • PIP-function for blending of visible and infrared image (0-100%) for optimized orientation in the picture
  • 6 colour palettes
  • Memory for 6000 images / data transfer to PC for subsequent analysis

Supplied with

  • Li-Ion battery & charger
  • USB-cable for data transfer and charging
  • Hard case

Technical data

Thermal imaging
Detector typeUncooled pyroelectric ceramic
Spectral range6.5 - 14 μm
IR sensor resolution32 x 31 pixel
Thermal sensitivity<0,15°C (150 mK)
Field of view (FOV)40° x 40°
Minimum focussing distance50 cm
Image frequency9 Hz
Colour palettes6 - greyscale (white hot), greyscale (black hot), ironbow, rainbow, rainbow (high contrast), hot metal
Level and spanAutomatic
Integrated digital camera48608 pixel
Display2.2" TFT colour LCD, 320 x 240 pixel
PIP (Blending fusion)IR image with visible image in 6 steps (0,25,50,75,100%)
Parallax correction of visual and IR blendingadjustable 0.5 m, 1.0 m, 2.0 m, 3.0 m

Infrared temperature measurement
Temperature range-20°C - +300°C
Measuring unit°C, °F
Accuracy (at 25°C)± 2% from reading or ± 2°C
Measurement cursors3 (centre, max, min)
Measurement featuresAutomatic correction based on emissivity and reflexed temperature
Possibility to increase measuring accuracy by adjusting
Emissivity of measured objectadjustable 0.01 - 1.00
Background temperature of measured objectadjustable 0 - 40°C

Memory / Data transfer
MemoryMicroSD card 8 GB
File format / memory size.bmp / 6000 pictures
PC interfaceUSB 2.0

Power supply3.7 V Li-Ion battery
Operating time4 h continuous, 8 h normal working
Auto power off10 min
Menu languagesEN, DE, FR, ES, IT
Operating temperature0°C - +50°C
Operating humidity10% - 90% HR
Weight410 g
Dimensions205 x 155 x 62 mm

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