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Every single device in our range of line lasers is a winner.

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Rotating Lasers

Efficient, exible and reliable – some of the characteristics that de ne all geo-FENNEL rotating lasers.

Easy to use, accurate, robust and reliable.

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Surveying Instruments

Decades of experience – an important factor in the quality of our ins- truments.

At our core: Precision and Innovation

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New Products

  • GeoSpider
  • GeoDist® 50
  • FET 220
    Engineers‘/ Construction Theodolite For use in engineering, civil engineering and general construction.
  • FLG 190A-GREEN
    Perfect for interior applications with outstanding laser line visibility due to PowerSwitch-Technology.

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geo-FENNEL – An constant entity in measuring technology and surveying.

If it doesn't fit, it'll be made to fit – far from it! With the precise and high-quality point and line lasers, horizontal and vertical lasers, electronic theodolites and laser distance meters, as well as a wide range of measuring accessories, geo-FENNEL ensures that everything comes together as it should on your construction site. The professional craftsperson will find everything s/he needs for levelling and measuring operations.

geo-FENNEL is a manufacturer who has understood the process of precisely addressing its customers' requirements – and that is repeatedly setting new standards by further developing its products on an ongoing basis. Thus, the company draws upon lithium-ion technology in a number of its products.
It is not for nothing that geo-FENNEL products are considered to be particularly innovative, robust and reliable. For users engaged in the most diverse trades should be able to rely on the precision and proven quality of geo-FENNEL in the future, too. Irrespective of the challenge that awaits you, with geo-FENNEL products, you are optimally equipped for any task. 
The wide range of products is as diverse as are your areas of application. Here, you will always find the right measuring device or – to be more precise – the optimal solution even for difficult tasks. The line lasers, for instance, are not just deployed on the classic construction site, but even in building construction and in civil engineering, as well as in shipbuilding. 
Carpenters, metalworkers and electricians set store by the precise point and line lasers in their daily work. The range is supplemented by the most diverse cross-line lasers, grade lasers, horizontal and vertical lasers, pipe lasers, laser distance meters, theodolites, construction tachymeters and levels. geo-FENNEL offers corresponding system accessories for all measuring devices. These include, for instance, grade mounts, marking sprays and the most diverse tripods. 
In a nutshell: geo-FENNEL products are always used when the objective is to achieve the ultimate in precise measurement results – and not just in building construction and civil engineering, either.