Tile Laser
Cross Laser
Multi-Line Lasers
Point and Line Laser
  • GeoSpider
    The tiler's best friend !
  • CrossPointer5 SP
    CrossPointer5 SP is a Selection PRO product with special features. Outstanding visibility of the laser lines. Combination of a 5 point and cross line laser. 6 reference points at 90° to each other. Horizontal and vertical lines at 90° to each other.
  • 360° LinerPoint HP
    Unique – 360° line with 4 laser points
  • Square Liner II
    The angle template generates two laser lines at 90° to each other. Ideal for use on floor and all tiling!
  • Geo3P 3-Point Laser
    Self-levelling laser plummet for easy plumbing from floor to ceiling. 3 Laser points at right angles.
  • Geo5P 5-Point Laser
    5 self-levelling laser dots at right angles to each other: up, down, forward, left, right. For plumbing, alignments, levelling, transfer of points and many more applications.
  • Geo3X HP
    The ideal instrument for numerous alignment, measurement and levelling tasks. Projecting 3 high powered laser crosses at 90° to each other.
  • FL 1000 HP
    State-of-the-art. FL 1000 HP the ultimate for interior works! Even for the most complicated and specialized applications. The whole laser plane can, for example, be tilted manually if the object to be measured does not stand level – such as in the interior construction of ships.
  • FLG 66Xtreme GREEN SP
    Fully Automatic Multi Line Laser FL 66 Xtreme. This new generation of cross line laser withstand adverse conditions and rough handling at construction sites.