Tile Laser
Cross Laser
Multi-Line Lasers
Point and Line Laser
  • GeoSpider
    The tiler's best friend !
  • CrossPointer5 SP
    CrossPointer5 SP is a Selection PRO product with special features. Outstanding visibility of the laser lines. Combination of a 5 point and cross line laser. 6 reference points at 90° to each other. Horizontal and vertical lines at 90° to each other.
  • 360° LinerPoint HP
    Unique – 360° line with 4 laser points
  • Square Liner II
    The angle template generates two laser lines at 90° to each other. Ideal for use on floor and all tiling!
  • Geo3P 3-Point Laser
    Self-levelling laser plummet for easy plumbing from floor to ceiling. 3 Laser points at right angles.
  • Geo5P 5-Point Laser
    5 self-levelling laser dots at right angles to each other: up, down, forward, left, right. For plumbing, alignments, levelling, transfer of points and many more applications.
  • FLG40-PowerCross GREEN SP
    Cross Laser. FLG 40-PowerCross GREEN SP is a Selection PRO product with special features. Self-levelling function can be switched off for manual use.
  • FL 40-PowerCross SP
    Cross Laser. Extremely rugged design for rough use at construction site. Product withstand drop up to 1 m. The sturdy technical design makes a transport lock needles.
  • Geo3X HP
    The ideal instrument for numerous alignment, measurement and levelling tasks. Projecting 3 high powered laser crosses at 90° to each other.