Product overview

Line Laser

Every single device in our range of line lasers is a winner. We provide individual products that are exactly adapted to your particular needs.  As different as these demands may be, one thing is true for all geo-FENNEL line lasers: They consistently impress users with a high degree of precision and guarantee you the best measurement results – in every situation.

Rotating Laser

Efficient, flexible and reliable – some of the characteristics that define all geo-FENNEL rotating lasers. Whether used for interior applications or on the most demanding outdoor construction sites, in the rain, wind, cold or hot conditions: Our robust, water and dust protected laser measuring instruments provide the precise measuring results, even under unfavourable weather conditions.


Sometimes it’s the little things that make daily working routines easier. That certainly applies to our laser receivers. They are robust, as you have come to expect from all of our products, and their sophisticated technology and ease of handling are impressive. You will find the right receiver In our range for any requirement.

Surveying Instruments

We strive every day to improve even more. Our measuring instruments have gained an excellent reputation worldwide for good reason. Many years of experience as well as of delivering innovations ensure that we provide products in a class of their own – automatic levels, laser plummets, theodolites, all-in-one stations and GPS systems. geo-FENNEL provides you with the measuring instruments you deserve – only the best!.


The conditions that await you at a construction site are sometimes complex. But don’t worry, our products give you measuring convenience in all situations. geo-FENNEL also sets standards in terms of “measuring and aligning”. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and technical innovations ensure a familiarly high level of quality in this respect.

Enviromental Measuring Instruments

Our measuring instruments are your reliable partners not just in the structural engineering and road-building sectors but also in the electrical, food and vehicle manufacturing industries. You can accurately determine physical values like temperature or humidity using geo-FENNEL’s environmental measuring instruments.  Of course we make life easier for you by designing our instruments to be easy and intuitive to operate.


The versatility of geo-FENNEL’s measuring instruments can simply be increased by our wide range of compatible accessories. Our know-how derived from many decades of laser measurement technology and surveying equipment experience guarantees that you will get useful, premium-quality accessories that really will make your work easier.

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